phospholipase B

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phos·pho·lip·ase B

1. Synonym(s): lysophospholipase
2. a mixture of phospholipase A1 and phospholipase A2.
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Therefore their phospholipase B had two activities, i.
1858) Studies on the hydrolysis of lecithin by a Penicillium notatum phospholipase B preparation.
1960) The physicochemical requirements for the activation of Penicillium notatum phospholipase B on unimolecular films of lecithin.
1965) Action of phospholipase B on ultrasonically dispersed lecithin.
1980) A novel purification procedure for Penicillium notatum phospholipase B and evidence for a modification of phospholipase B activity by the action of an endogeneous protease.
Differential expression of Candida albicans secreted aspartyl proteinase and phospholipase B genes in humans correlates with active oral and vaginal infections.
Although phospholipase B expression has been well studied in C.
We then compared adhesion ability, biofilm production, and secretion of SAP and phospholipase B of the outbreak isolates and our clinical strains.
Although one article described phospholipase B and protease activity in a few strains of C.
Since all isolates expressed some degree of adhesion (except for hand isolates 313 and 385), SAP, and phospholipase B activity, these phenotypes may be necessary but not sufficient prerequisites for infection.
Cloning and disruption of caPLB1, a phospholipase B gene involved in the pathogenicity of Candida albicans.