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A salt of phosphorous acid.
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Treatment Active principles applied Sum of the number of (Number of applications) application of active principles Mancozeb (1) 4 1 Tebuconazole (1) Potassium Phosphite (2) 2 Tebuconazole (1) 3 Potassium Phosphite (2) 3 Mancozeb (1) 18 Tebuconazole (3) Potassium Phosphite (7) Methyl thiophanate (1) Cymoxanil (2) Methyl thiophanate + Cymoxanil (2) Difeconazole (1) Cymoxanil + Mancozeb (1) 4 Dithianone (4) 21 Captan (1) Procymidone ((2) Potassium Phosphite (2) Cymoxanil (3) Cymoxanil + Mancozeb (2) 1% Copper sulfate (7) TABLE 2--Comparison of the cost of phytosanitary products and productivity in vineyards with and without plastic overhead cover, and different criteria for the use of chemical fungicides in the Cabernet Sauvignon cultivar in Viamao-RS.
A variety of issues must be taken into consideration, since each phosphite has its own unique set of attributes, such as total phosphorus content, steric hindrance, hydrolytic stability, compatibility with the resin, and its intrinsic reactivity for decomposing hydroperoxides.
The combination of phosphite and fungicide applications were used to generate the downy mildew severity gradient in soybean, resulting in a range of disease infection from zero to 8% in 2006/07 and from zero to 42.
In a more complicated example, equal fractions of two different phenolic AO were combined with equal fractions of a phosphite and a sulfide.
In our field tests, phosphite was directly toxic to the pecan scab fungus at concentrations similar to those in the lab," says Bock.
Liu et al developed an efficient microwave- assisted three-component, one-pot methodology for the synthesis of various 2,3-disubstituted quinazoline-4-ones as intermediate using triphenyl phosphite and pyridine.
Phosphite is the salt scientists believe could have been incorporated into prebiotic molecules.
The primary difference between phosphite (designated Phi in this paper) and phosphate (designated Pi in this paper) is that the Phi has a hydrogen atom in place of one oxygen atom (McDONALD et al.
Potassium phosphite was the best treatment because the seedlings had a height of 36.
The ratings reflect KAPLa[euro](tm)s healthy market position in liquid phosphite antioxidant segment, and above-average financial risk profile marked by healthy gearing and debt protection metrics.
Products: All bromine and phosphorus-based specialty chemicals within its Polymer Additives division, except phosphite antioxidants.