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A white, slightly sweet, crystalline compound used as an antispasmodic, analytical reagent, and decalcifier of bone specimens for microscopic examination. Also called phloroglucin.
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For Weisner reaction, the difference between the ratio of phloroglucinol/HCl and mixed and separately added phloroglucinol and reagent HCl was investigated.
Recently, our group demonstrated that the lipophilic extract and isolated compounds (benzopyrans HP1, HP2, HP3 and dimeric phloroglucinol uliginosin B) from H.
A new phloroglucinol derivative from the brown alga Eisenia bicyclis: potential for the effective treatment of diabetic complications.
Histochemical results indicate that the inner cortex did not stain red with Phloroglucinol, indicating a lack of lignin (Fig.
We examine the influence and interaction of growth regulators BAP and NAA as well as phloroglucinol in multiplication of Rosa damascena Mill.
Shoot and root initiation in vitro in the apple rootstock M9 and the promotive effects of phloroglucinol.
Based on Fucus vesiculosus, a brown algae rich in phytotannins, HealSea is standardized to 11% polyphenol phloroglucinol equivalent and been clinically proven in in vivo human and animal studies to significantly increase the production of aortic nitric oxide--known for its vasorelaxant and antithrombin effects--and to reduce the susceptibility of VLDL and LDL cholesterol-rich lipoproteins to oxidation ex vivo.
A phloroglucinol (1,3,5-trihydroxybenzene)-HCl stain-based on the Wiesner reaction, was used to determine the depth to which the wood had been delignified.
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