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A dihydrochalcone occurring in many parts of the apple tree; used experimentally to produce glycosuria in animals.
Synonym(s): phlorizin


, phlorizin, phloridzin (flōr′ĭ-zĭn, flŏ-rīz′ĭn) (flōr′ĭd-zĭn, flŏ-rid′zĭn) [Gr. phloios, phloos, bark + rhizo- + -in]
A glycoside present in the bark of some fruit trees. It is a powerful inhibitor of sugar transport in some animals.

phloridzin, phlorizin

a dihydrochalcone extracted from the root bark of the apple tree. Thought at one time to be present in cherry, plum and pear. Blocks the renal tubular reabsorption of glucose hence promoting the development of glycosuria.
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