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72) "By the comforts of sitting, the comforts of sleep, excessive consumption of heavy and unctuous [food], the phlegm in the head becomes vitiated and causes illness in the head" (Su 17.
Clinicians and patients commonly believe that yellow and green phlegm production is associated with a bacterial infection, which is more likely to benefit from antibiotic treatment compared to non-productive cough or cough that produces clear phlegm.
Secondary signs & symptoms: A fat body, heart palpitations, a bland taste in the mouth, reduced eating, nausea, phlegm drool, somnolence, deviation of the mouth and eyes, slimy tongue fur, and a slippery pulse
It contains an extract of marshmallow called mucilage which loosens and helps eliminate phlegm.
Eleven main symptoms were analyzed: breathing problems, nasal irritation, throat irritation, hoarseness, chest pain/pressure, phlegm, eye irritation, dizziness, headache, fatigue, and sweating.
The land of Illmoor, filled with towns called Phlegm and Dullitch, is not for the faint-hearted traveler; but it has its charms, since most of the citizenry is so ineffectual at their thieving and wickedness as to be laughable.
If the intestines are not able to fully eliminate waste, it leads to imbalance in the upper body, producing phlegm.
My throat got real dry and toward the end of the game I started coughing up phlegm.
QSINCE I stopped smoking three weeks ago I have been coughing and bringing up more phlegm than when I smoked.
A lot of politicians seem glad even if you've done them as a gob of phlegm - it means they've arrived'
In what is thought to be a unique pilot scheme in England and Wales, Central Trains conductors will carry equipment enabling them to take samples of phlegm which can be used to prosecute offenders.
They also say that their family members and volunteers have special expertise in helping patients to swallow live fish, which supposedly helps clear phlegm.