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Analytics can easily pull specific data to identify total draws per staff member, maximum per hour, percentiles ranked against other phlebotomists, and median per-hour average draws.
The observation that selected phlebotomists consistently displayed increased potassium values in their draws suggested that the degree of deviation in average potassium values could function as a quality-of-service metric reported back to each phlebotomist.
The researchers from Vasculogic, LLC conducted their own intensive survey of over 200 US based phlebotomists, identified difficult venous access as a significant problem in small children, particularly in terms of pain, time, and patient and parent anxiety due to difficult/multiple needle stick(s).
After a phlebotomist has obtained a blood sample, he or she fills out the pod sheet with the name of the patient from whom the sample was obtained, the type and time of the sample, the round the sample was ordered for, and the phlebotomist ID.
Phlebotomists also help prepare the collections by properly labeling and safeguarding them for delivery to the laboratories.
The following day, the administrator and director of nursing conducted an investigation of the fall and determined that the phlebotomist had left the man's siderail down, which enabled him to fall out of bed when he became restless.
The phlebotomist received no warning regarding the patient's violent propensities prior to the assault.
This eliminates the need for the laboratory to have a person dedicated to taking calls from the Care Centers and then dispatching the phlebotomist to collect the stat specimens.
In addition to the phlebotomist, the Contractor shall provide staff to assist the phlebotomist in the collection of specimens in those situations where there are young children and/or more than one child present.
In the past, it has been difficult to coordinate physician orders for lab tests, phlebotomist availability and patient schedules.
However, a nurse or phlebotomist is still needed to interact with the patient, and shepherd the process along.
It takes a certain amount of education in recognized courses of study to be a certified phlebotomist.