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 [fen´il, fe´nil]
the monovalent radical, C6H5- derived from benzene by removal of hydrogen. adj., adj phenyl´ic.

phen·yl (Ph, Φ),

The univalent moiety, C6H5-, of benzene.


/phen·yl/ (fen´il) (fe´nil) the monovalent radical C6H5sbond, derived from benzene by removal of a hydrogen.phenyl´ic

phenyl (Ph)

[fē′nil, fen′il]
a monovalent organic radical, C6H5, derived from benzene.


(Ph, Φ) (fen'il)
The univalent radical, C6H5-, of benzene.


the monovalent radical, C6H5.

phenyl salicylate
a salicylic acid ester used as an analgesic.
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Reaction mechanism of cationic micellar catalysis upon the hydrolysis of mono-p-methoxy phenyl phosphate ester.
The contribution of C--O--C was positive to the photoelastic birefringence; however, the positive contribution of the phenyl ring was higher than that of C--O--C, leading to a high positive photoelastic birefringence for PPhMA, because the polarizability anisotropy of the phenyl ring (reported in Ref.
2](Ph)Br complex (Scheme 2, II) starts with the dissociation of the triphenylphosphane ligand in the cis-position to the phenyl group from complex 10 and the formation of the cis-Pd([PPh.
On the opposite, the phenyl ring was nearly vertical with the 1,3,4-thiadiazole with a angle (I,) of 71.
In this study, we calculated the energy barrier due to the rotation of a phenyl ring about the Sn-C bond in tetraphenyltin from 0o to 360o in 30o increments.
The selectivity and exceptional inertness of the Agilent column proves essential to this separation, as the derivatives of interest co-elute using a 5% phenyl column.
s] N-H, 1634(m) v C=O, 1592(br, m) phenyl ring (Skeletal vibrations), 1281(w) v C-N, 1226(w) [v.
Atlanta, GA) have patented asymmetric derivatives of furamidines with one of the phenyl rings of furamidine replaced with a benzimidazole, found by quantitative footprinting analyses to bind GC containing sites on DNA more strongly than to pure AT sequences.
The film comprises a thermoplastic resin with a substituted or non-substituted imide group at a side chain of the resin and a thermoplastic resin with a substituted or non-substituted phenyl group and a nitrile group at a side chain of the resin.
Dihydroisoxazoles and dihydropyrazoles of this substitution type [methyl and substituted phenyl group at the 5 position] prior to this study have been difficult to prepare by other methods.