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 [fen´il, fe´nil]
the monovalent radical, C6H5- derived from benzene by removal of hydrogen. adj., adj phenyl´ic.

phen·yl (Ph, Φ),

The univalent moiety, C6H5-, of benzene.


/phen·yl/ (fen´il) (fe´nil) the monovalent radical C6H5sbond, derived from benzene by removal of a hydrogen.phenyl´ic

phenyl (Ph)

[fē′nil, fen′il]
a monovalent organic radical, C6H5, derived from benzene.


(Ph, Φ) (fen'il)
The univalent radical, C6H5-, of benzene.


the monovalent radical, C6H5.

phenyl salicylate
a salicylic acid ester used as an analgesic.
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Tests also have shown that the amino phenyl silicone resin is not degraded by an alkaline solution at 50[degrees]C for at least three weeks.
The data represented at the international rubber conference, held in Kyoto 1985, depicts that the prepared compounds behave as good antioxidants comparable with phenyl B-naphthyl amine, the widely used antioxidant.
The chapter 5 summarizes ortho phenyl phenol (OPP) prices data.
s] + 2) of C=O, C--O--C, in-plane and out-of-plane of the phenyl ring in the side chains of the methacrylates.
Also, solutions containing (a) guazatine/imazalil and (b) phenyl mercury acetate at various concentrations of active ingredients (1000ppm, 100ppm and 10ppm)were prepared as standards.
Fourier transform (FT) Roman spectroscopy can directly measure phenyl groups in pulp lignin, serving as an alternative to the standard permanganate consumption measurement technique and may help to determine residual-lignin concentration in pulps.
The insertion product resembles phosphine oxide except for the additional presence of an oxygen atom located between the phosphorus and carbon atom of one of the three phenyl rings attached to the phosphorus atom.
Each contains a six-carbon ring known as a phenyl, so a barbell-shaped biphenyl results.
The scientists added phenyl phosphate to the mixture.
The release of monoterpene hydrocarbons; sesquiterpene hydrocarbons; terpenes containing oxygen; cyclopentenones; phenyl propanoids; and phenols greatly increased when the fat content was decreased.
The tests rendered some interesting results with Daikon Radish Oil testing on top in both dry combing and repeating grooming tests, outperforming phenyl trimethicone with regards to shine and comparable or superior results to many of the silicones tested.