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A salt or ester of phenol (carbolic acid).
Synonym(s): carbolate (1)
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Oils 6 and 7 contained combinations of overbased and neutral calcium sulfonate, while Oil 8 contained overbased calcium sulfonate and low-base calcium phenate.
Fortnightly, water samples were taken from the experimental tanks to determine concentrations of total ammonia nitrogen (TAN; phenate method), nitrite (diazotization and coupling method) and reactive phosphorus (ammonium molybdate method).
Traditionally, plant diseases control is achieved mainly through the use of fungicides such as thiabendazole, imazalil and sodium ortho-phenyl phenate were available for postharvest treatment to reduce decay and extend the shelf-life of fruits [13,23].
3]-N) Automated hlA (Lachat QuikChem 8000) phenate method Phosphate (P[O.
2% sodium phenate has been deleted as a high-level disinfectant;
Ammonia, nitrate and nitrite, and total phosphate and soluble reactive phosphate were determined using the phenate method, cadmium reduction method, and the ascorbic acid method, respectively.
It is possible that some of this difference may be due to different affinities of phenol (-OH) groups in the acid treated material and phenate (-[O.