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The mathematical characterization of the disposition of a drug in the body over time. Used to facilitate understanding and interpretation of blood levels and to guide adjustments in dosage and interval for maximum therapeutic results and minimum toxic effects.
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BASi has filed a registration statement on Form S-4 with the Securities and Exchange Commission that includes a preliminary information statement/prospectus relating to the proposed acquisition of PharmaKinetics Laboratories, Inc.
The PharmaKinetics agreement provides for a merger of PharmaKinetics Laboratories, Inc.
PharmaKinetics is an established provider of bioanalytical contract services, Phase I/IIa clinical trials and later-stage clinical trials management.
James Wilkinson, PharmaKinetics President and CEO, "There is amazing potential for this marriage.
BALTIMORE) PharmaKinetics Laboratories and the Dental School, U Of Md
PharmaKinetics teamed with the Dental School's Center for Clinical Studies to market these services because of the increasing demand from their clients for clinical research in the areas of dental pain management therapy and oral care.
PharmaKinetics will be able to provide the longer-term post-surgical monitoring of dental research participants, which the Dental School is not able to accommodate.
14 /PRNewswire/ -- PharmaKinetics Laboratories, Inc.