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The petrol scarcity in the state has led to the crippling of commercial activities in most parts of the state, especially the state capital.
The sources said it was expected that RON 92 petrol would be available in selected cities in next 10 to 15 days.
The official added that the demolition of the petrol station along with other adjoining buildings would start soon.
In July, the cost of Super grade petrol was 180 baisas per litre, 170 baisas for Regular grade and 188 baisas for diesel.
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lt;BWalesOnline has researched the cheapest places to fill up with petrol in Wales Danny Lawson
2 pence cheaper than the most expensive petrol station, the name of which was not revealed.
Mahmud Sami, a resident of Fujairah, said the Madha petrol pump is a good option for residents of the area as they can save anywhere between Dh30 and Dh50 for a full tank of petrol.
The quick response by our trained staff prevented what could have been a disaster from happening at one of our Emarat petrol stations in Dubai.
In the car segment the share of petrol models has expanded to the highest in five years at 62%.
In a statement, he said 14728 metric tons of petrol was supplied to the petrol pumps by noon on Sunday.
PETROL prices have gone under the PS1 per litre mark in Merseyside.