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n a prayer making a request on behalf of one's self.
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Later, he said, Islamabad High Court had set aside the petitioners detention and ordered the government to release him.
But the bench asked the petitioner how Musharraf could formally be asked to appear before it in the case as he was currently abroad.
The petitioner's counsel Khalilur Rehman Khan, said that the government issued detention orders against petitioners without disclosing any allegations or evidences.
They tortured me for three months," the petitioner told the court.
At a protest on Monday in a park in Beijing, many of the petitioners told AP Television that they had been detained in "black jails".
The area around the railway station is popular with the often poor petitioners for its cheap accommodations and is also often the site of protests by them, especially during visits by foreign politicians or important events like in the run-up to last year's Olympics.
Senior said none of the other petitioners could attend because they were unable to take time off from work.
In summary, the court stated that the petitioners had paid insufficient attention to the details that were needed to justify the tax treatment they were claiming.
Immigration law does not prohibit convicted sex offenders from petitioning to bring their spouses, fiances, or children into the United States and generally USCIS cannot deny a petition based solely on the fact that the petitioner is a convicted sex offender.
Finally, in chapter six, Buckley examines those petitioners who sought a divorce on the grounds of adultery.
The sponsor of many anti-tax initiatives, McIntire attempted to target a voter-approved law that bans paying initiative petitioners by the signature.
Amex: AB), announced that at the Bankruptcy hearing on Monday, July 23, 2001, the petitioners who filed the chapter 7 bankruptcy requested it be dismissed.