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Relating to or tending to produce a pestilence.
Synonym(s): pestiferous


(1) Producing an infectious disease; i.e., pathogenic.
(2) Peferring to or causing a pestilence; e.g., epidemic.


Relating to or tending to produce a pestilence.


(pĕs′tĭl-ĕns) [L. pestilentia]
An epidemic contagious disease.
pestilential (pĕs-tĭ-lĕn′shăl), adjective
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He died on military campaign in France in 1521 of what they called "the pestilential air", but it was all too late for Burton Dassett.
would first feel the effects and become the earliest victims of a pestilential or epidemic influence when prevailing.
Whereas the shameless pardoners purchase their vile traffic in farm with Simon, sell Indulgences with Gehazi, and squander their gains in disgraceful fashion with the Prodigal Son: but what is more detestable still, although not in holy orders, they preach publicly, and pretend falsely that they have full powers of absolving both living and dead alike from punishment and guilt, along with other blasphemies, by means of which they plunder and seduce the people, and in all probability drag them down with their own person to the infernal regions, by affording them frivolous hope and an audacity to commit sin: therefore, let the abuses of this pestilential sect be blotted out from the threshold of the Church.
How many were killed in the process of enslavement, while awaiting shipment on the African coast, in the pestilential ships' holds or soon after arrival in the Americas, is not known.
Nebraskan senator Ernie Chambers filed the suit and asked the court for an injunction to prevent God from causing "fearsome floods, egregious earthquakes, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornadoes, pestilential plagues, ferocious famines, devastating droughts, genocidal wars, birth defects, and the like".
You called her the Queen of the Night; you called her pestilential and a whore
A rival called him "an obscene foreign vagabond, a pestilential scoundrel, ass, rogue, habitual liar, loathsome and leprous slanderer and libeller" - which seems a bit much, even for a publisher.
Isn't it amazing that supermarkets are able to achieve these prices when raw material costs are rising and crops, yields and even distribution have been laid low by floods and pestilential rain?
Casca's scorn of the masses is so great that he even envisions their breath as pestilential.
Adams & Roger Brownsword, "Privity of Contract--That Pestilential Nuisance" (1993) 56 Mod.
when Satan blinded almost the whole world with the pestilential error of believing that the Mass is a sacrifice and oblation for obtaining the remission of sins" (Ibid.
Public health jurisprudence is deeply rooted in the fear of pestilential diseases.