pesticide poisoning

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pesticide poisoning

Etymology: L, pestis, plague, caedere, to kill, potio, drink
a toxic condition caused by the ingestion or inhalation of a substance used for the eradication of pests. Kinds of pesticide poisoning include malathion poisoning and parathion poisoning. See also herbicide poisoning, rodenticide poisoning.

pesticide poisoning,

n a toxic condition caused by the ingestion or inhalation of a substance used for the eradication of insects, fungi, and other pests.


a poison used to destroy pests of any sort. See arsenical, carbamates, chlorinated hydrocarbons, organophosphorus compound, pyrethroids.

pesticide poisoning
pesticides are selective poisons chosen for use because of their relative safety for humans and animals. It is likely that they will poison these species if they are used in sufficient quantity or in special circumstances, for example when the water intake of the subject animals is limited.
pesticide resistance
continued use of a single agent, or a group of closely allied agents, can cause selective survival of insects with innate tolerance of the agent and lead to the development of a resistant population.
pesticide tissue residues
some pesticides have had to be withdrawn from use because of their persistence in the tissues of animals including humans. The passage of the agent in the milk of the animal is a comparable problem.
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However, Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on October 22 visited the victims of pesticide poisoning at Yavatmal civil hospital and assured the strictest action against those responsible for the tragedy.
National study of hospital admitted pesticide poisonings for 1974 to 1976.
The most sensational case of pesticide poisoning in the UAE was reported in 2010.
Newspaper reports point to around 12 deaths, many of them involving children, with several more hospitalised across the emirates due to pesticide poisoning till July last year.
Simply blaming victims of pesticide poisoning for their problems is neither good public practice nor evidence based.
To evaluate whether associations between pesticide use and neurological outcomes were influenced by previous pesticide poisoning, the 8 participants who reported ever being physician diagnosed with pesticide poisoning at the time of AHS enrollment were excluded from the analyses, and the results were compared with models that included them.
Health professionals involved in the prevention and treatment of pesticide poisoning should be aware of some key issues, such as the following:
Over the years, we have held men's health days targeting prostate cancer, mental health, pesticide poisoning and bowel cancer.
Many pesticides, both herbicides and insecticides, are known to be toxic to bees, and yes, pesticide poisoning is suspected as a factor in Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).
Pesticide poisoning of birds is at a 12-year high, protected habitats are under threat and 165 incidents of badger baiting have been recorded in the past three years, Scottish Natural Heritage said.
If the local doctor is not knowledgeable about pesticide poisoning or is unavailable, call the nearest poison control center.
During testimony early in the inquest, Dr Ere Sheshiah said Woolmer died of pesticide poisoning and asphyxia, but several foreign experts concluded the late coach died from natural causes.

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