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A tendency to see or anticipate the worst.
[L. pessimus, worst, irreg. superl. of malus, bad]


Etymology: L, pessimus, worst
the inclination to anticipate the worst possible results from any action or situation or to emphasize unfavorable conditions, even when progress or gain might reasonably be expected. pessimist, n.


A frame of mind marked by loss of hope, confidence, or trust in a good outcome, even when such an outcome is likely. See: optimism

therapeutic pessimism

Nihilism (1).
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Oliver rather pessimistically suggests that the "mythomania" surrounding Hemingway, who was "his own first mythmaker," is so pervasive that readers must either ignore it or "admit that Hemingway is a writer for whom what he wrote is secondary to who he was" (24-25).
Think pessimistically globally, act positively locally, and continue to advocate and educate as best as possible.
Iraqi deputy Prime Minister Barham Salih said that oinstead of international communities looking pessimistically at the future of Iraq, now we can say they have another viewuone of hope.
While conservatives cynically and pessimistically distrust human nature, liberals unrealistically and naively place their faith in human perfectibility.
So, there is every possibility of reading the symphony optimistically or pessimistically.
In contrast to Nigeria's implementation of wartime legislation which made it legal to subject persons suspected of suffering from venereal diseases to compulsory examination and treatment, the Gold Coast responded pessimistically to the Colonial Office's invitation to enact the same legislation.
Another report pessimistically reveals the following escalation of attacks:
Weed pessimistically concludes that in modern medicine "the unaided human mind is not a reliable instrument for processing of information in the solution of patients' problems.
Firms can lower the returns that shareholders expect by demonstrating their risks are well managed and lower than what shareholders might pessimistically have estimated.
Efficacy beliefs influence whether people think pessimistically or optimistically and in ways that are selfenhancing or self-hindering.
Italy) traces the waxing and waning of democratic ideals and practices in Europe from its first stirrings in Ancient Greece to, as he pessimistically concludes, its defeat at the hands of an oligarchic "freedom.
Pessimistically, but probably accurately, she warned her readers to "expect far worse indecency with seven of nine Supremes decreeing .