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Relevant; clinically meaningful.

pertinent negative

An element of the patient's history that aids diagnosis because the patient denies that it is present.

pertinent positive

An element of a patient's history that aids diagnosis because the patient affirms that it is present.
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The new example, dealing with hazardous waste services, involves multiple non-routine contributions in the nature of (a) research and development leading to novel technology, specialized technical knowledge and project managers, and commitment to perform under the contract, and (b) reputation for completing projects responsibly, knowledge of and contacts with pertinent local officials, and licenses to handle certain types of waste.
In PERTINENT, human endothelial cells were cultured with serum drawn from 87 EUROPA participants at baseline and again after 1 year on perindopril or placebo, along with 45 healthy matched controls.
Radiotherapy has been recommended in the pertinent literature for patients who have experienced a local recurrence or metastasis.
First, the UCR Program has never lost sight of its purpose: to collect accurate and pertinent crime data for the daily use of law enforcement, as well as the government and citizens of this nation.
Yet a false impression is always inevitable as long as three pertinent facts rarely, if ever, find place in discussions public or private.
It is also important, we feel, to photocopy and to share pertinent articles from professional publications with our coaches.
Kiefer not only neglects to cite Bercovitch, but he also does not refer to Robert Knapp's pertinent Lacanian discussion of the play's texts and author-figures in Shakespeare - The Theater and the Book (1989), which he cites only in a footnote on 2 Henry IV (335n.
His response to these mutually-reinforcing prejudices is to produce quantitative, theoretically-explicit, empirical analysis that is designedly pertinent to some fundamental Marxian questions.
I was able to call up the pertinent facts on the building through our computer network, issue a report called 'Property Minutes' on every topic that pertains to the building, print out three copies and go, all in a matter of minutes," said Telesco.
Using graphic devices and text formats to navigate through complex data and make it understandable, and training and learning theories to create appropriate hierarchy for complex information, they give structure and order to pertinent information, and map out the best way to access it.
The consultant provides a written report including diagnostic findings, treatment, and additional recommendations within 72 hours of the appointment and/or receipt of all the pertinent data.
Pertinent tournament history: This is Pitino's third Final Four appearance.