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Relevant; clinically meaningful.

pertinent negative

An element of the patient's history that aids diagnosis because the patient denies that it is present.

pertinent positive

An element of a patient's history that aids diagnosis because the patient affirms that it is present.
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Thus, it has important medical pertinency and provides some urgency for the expert to work diligently to establish its accuracy.
In common speech, the word citizen, with more or less truth and pertinency, has a variety of meanings.
First, and obviously, the physical pertinency of the law;
The manual states that all reports must exhibit six characteristics - accuracy, completeness, pertinency, clarity, impartiality, and conciseness - and then provides a short one- or two-paragraph description of how to achieve each characteristic.
The authors also identify nine areas in which research is needed: risk comparison, risk characterization, the role of intermediaries, pertinency and sufficiency of risk information, psychological stress, the mental models of the recipients, risk literacy, retrospective case studies of risk communication, and contemporaneous assessment of risk management and risk communication.
If fisheries interests are to receive equitable consideration with competing marine resources use demands, it is mandatory that the pertinency and quality of economic data associated with the utilization of fisheries resources be vastly improved.
10 million users and 700,000 new ones each month, this is proof enough that people are genuinely satisfied with our products, like them because they're easy to use, and are satisfied with the pertinency of the results generated by Copernic 2000.
pertinency of the question asked to the committee's investigation) might be mandated by the due process clause in the case of inherent contempt proceedings.