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Relevant; clinically meaningful.

pertinent negative

An element of the patient's history that aids diagnosis because the patient denies that it is present.

pertinent positive

An element of a patient's history that aids diagnosis because the patient affirms that it is present.
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pertinence - the predictive value, retrospective and opportunity value;
Godelier soutient avec pertinence l'idee selon laquelle les << societes ne peuvent etre pensees ni analysees comme des totalites closes, des ensembles finis de rapports sociaux localises, inalterables, des totalites murees sur elles-memes par leur identite particuliere et peuplees d'individus partageant les memes representations et les memes valeurs, incapables d'agir sur eux-memes ni sur les rapports qu'ils entretiennent entre eux et avec la nature >> (p.
La pertinence du Protocole sur les Droits de la Femme Africaine au Soudan (etat de la ratification du Protocole par le Soudan: prospectives pour la ratification et la mise en oeuvre, Pertinence du Protocole pour les Etats Regionaux du Soudan)
Il propose notamment de renforcer la pertinence des assemblees legislatives, d'accroitre le nombre de sieges, d'accorder plus de ressources aux bureaux de circonscription, de modifier les reglements des assemblees afin de reduire l'influence des partis politiques, et de tirer un meilleur parti des comites parlementaires.
The community invented or instituted the necessary measures and procedures by which its members expressed their pertinence to a collective identity, establishing the condition of individual agency or action by offering a range of norms and motivations.
It is a reassessment, as the title suggests, and a reminder of the pertinence of culture and art in a people's struggle for social justice.
It will ultimately give the campaign a boost and can only enhance the pertinence of our ads," said Eblex head of marketing Andrew Garvey.
The work also includes a Muslim Call to Prayer, which perhaps has more pertinence now than when the work was first composed.
It gives new pertinence to the adage that if one is nice, two is better.
The three program directors each wove a thread into the GCCS tapestry, as we delved into issues of global climate change and explored the nature and pertinence of knowledge in the 21st century.
Goya's extraordinary depictions of the cruelties of war have a topical pertinence because of the striking parallels between Bush's effort to bring democracy to lraq and Napoleon's effort to bring Enlightenment values to Spain in 1808, which instilled in the Spanish what an early encyclopedia essay on the Peninsular War describes as a "loathing beyond the bounds of humanity.
In order to define cultural mimesis on her own terms, not as reverential, celebratory representation, but as "the fun house mirror, the reflection that dazzles, the impersonator, the sneaky copy, the double-agent" (5), Fuchs shows instead the pertinence of Michael Taussig's notion of mimesis as a powerful weapon by which the colonial experience can be undermined, applying it to the case of Spain and England and their imperial pursuits.