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1. The compound of a series of sulfides that contains more atoms of sulfur than any other.
2. The sulfur analog of a peroxide.
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However, the 3MST orthologue of Trichomonas vaginalis catalyzes the formation of thioredoxin persulfide, and 3MST interacts with thioredoxin, which has two redox-active cysteine residues in its active site.
Compared with GSH, glutathione persulfide (GSSH) has greater reducing activity.
142) Therefore, it may be difficult for CBS and CSE to produce cysteine persulfide under physiological conditions.
143) demonstrated that GSSH can be formed via the enzymatic activity of SQR rather than nonenzymatic sulfane sulfur exchange between cysteine persulfide and oxidized gluthathione reported by Ida et al.
2009) The mercaptopyruvate sulfurtransferase of Trichomonas vaginalis links cysteine catabolism to the production of thioredoxin persulfide.
1974) Evidence for an active site persulfide residue in rabbit liver aldehyde oxidase.
2]S with oxidized thiols: Generation of persulfides and implications to [H.
This occurs by the oxidative formation of hydrodisulfides or persulfides, for example, by modification of the sulfur of cysteine residues in proteins, which establish a reductant-labile pool of sulfane sulfur [18, 21].