personal trainer

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per·son·al train·er

(pĕr'sŏn-ăl trā'nĕr)
A person who is certified in developing fitness programs for all people without regard to age or level of performance.
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Designed to allow Personal Trainers to manage their business from their smartphone, tablet or desktop without the need for pen and paper.
Essa busca modifica o comportamento do consumidor, o que faz com que ele procure por um servico exclusivo, como o de personal trainer (Silva, Junior & Stecklow, 2013).
You can't buy the personal trainer fully made, you have to buy the parts and make it yourself, which means you have to have a soldering iron and be good at following directions if you want one.
com)-- Software and personal trainers have never really got on.
The personal trainer runs all the group sessions and is there to give support with running techniques, drills and making sure people get the work out they want.
Mr Slater said: "When people go to the gym they can access a lot of different workout plans, but what they really want to know is what professional athletes and top personal trainers are up to when they hit the gym.
Research and Recommendations: Go online and look at the websites of personal trainers in your area.
Gulf News talked to George Flooks, Chief Operating Officer at Fitness First Middle East, who confirmed that all personal trainers at Fitness First in Dubai are registered with REPs.
Ross, who hopes to work as a personal trainer, just beat Luke to a place in the national final of a fitness trainer competition
Most hate cardio and love junk food," notes Mariam Ismail, a personal trainer at Fitness Zone, referring to cardiovascular training.
I don't know anyone who's doing a personal trainer now," Lane said.
The trend of getting a personal trainer at home has grown in India in the last five years with increasing spending power of urban middle class and better focus on health.

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