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Emil, physician in Hapsburg Empire, 1845-1913. See: Pins sign, Pins syndrome.


persons in need of supervision.
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Online debit and personal identification number (PIN) pad sales are areas that are likely to offer manufacturers an opportunity to increase market share and spur terminal sales in North America.
This new product suite extends AIMS' user provisioning and end-to-end password management offering to include three different methods for resetting passwords over the phone, including using an employee configured Personal Identification Number (PIN), voice identification or RSA SecurID token.
A number of schemes and standards have been devised, including personal identification numbers (United States Environmental Protection Agency, at 40 C.
Personal identification numbers were unlawfully changed for 2,200 citizens in 2013 by officials of the Social Fund and State Registration Service.
Personal identification numbers will be assigned to citizens of Kyrgyzstan since birth, head of state enterprise Infosystem Talant Abdullaev said on March 15 at the discussion of election system in Kyrgyzstan.
We want to let our customers know how to protect their calling card personal identification numbers and what to do about unauthorized international toll charges that may appear on their bills.
Never reveal your credit card, automated teller machine, telephone calling card or personal identification numbers to anyone, especially over the telephone.

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