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Executive control was operationalised in this study as decreased, cognitive flexibility and increased perseveration, as measured by the WCST.
The most important step to finding the best solutions is to avoid the penalty of perseveration, which is the price we pay when we worry too much about how expanding charters or some other new initiative will affect the established model and power structure of public schooling in force now.
Other areas of common cognitive deficit such as memory, perseveration and impulsivity may also be related to disorders of attention.
These gains were paired with significant decreases in the amount of self-absorption, avoidance, self-stimulation, and perseveration observed in the children (Greenspan & Wieder, 2006).
Language: Incoherence, perseveration, insufficient speech, irrelevant talk and use of neologisms are frequently seen in schizophrenia.
Example 8 is an instance in which it is not possible to tell with any degree of certainty whether the entire side perseverated together, but a homologous finger-pair perseveration is possible.
A sampling of topics includes Asperger's syndrome, emotional/behavioral tests, perseveration, Kim Peek (whose story inspired the movie Rain Man), special needs trusts, and vaccines.
Yet while Weber seemingly extends Nietzsche's polemic against Christian asceticism as a perseveration of bad conscience, Weber's theses on Calvinist self-denial vex the natural primacy Nietzsche bestows upon an aggressive instinct that external influences pervert into a masochistic conscience.
Being subjected to this mantra once more re-evokes the perseveration we routinely suffer in the moral ambiguity characterising our supposedly post-politics milieu.
No CDT scores were associated with verbal-fluency, California-Verbal-Learning-Test, Mattis DRS-Memory subtest, Trails A or B, Digit-Symbol-Test, categories, or perseveration on the Wisconsin-Card-Sort.
Scores on the DRS, which measures attention, perseveration, and memory, range from 0 to 144, with higher scores indicating better function.
It has been used as a test of perseveration and to assess the ability to sort cards according to class membership.