persecution complex

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per·se·cu·tion com·plex

a feeling that others have evil designs against one's well-being.
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Their misstep handed the Religious Right a great public-relations victory and fed the persecution complex that is all too common among those groups these days.
It makes people who say "God is in charge" but down deep fear that's not true, slide back into that persecution complex.
I'm not on some feminist rant here and I'm not battling a persecution complex.
The destruction of innocent life, the bullying of a helpless former girlfriend, the persecution complex of a crumbling man.
In addition to having a persecution complex, Schultz is also self-righteous rocker, insisting, "We don't do it for the glory/We don't do it for the money/We don't do it for the fame.
Despite the immense literature on Kirchner, the nature of his breakdowns remains vague, though it strikes me that they reflect a persecution complex, an interpretation also hinted at in Paula Kort's admirable essay that accompanies the exhibition.
This has the edge of paranoia to it, a persecution complex that psychiatrists the world over would struggle to explain.
It's pointless getting a persecution complex about this,' he wrote in an article for the Big Issue magazine.
The other baddies -- most notably Anthony Ray Parker as a gunman with a persecution complex and a rock-candy phobia -- follow Rome's over-the-top example.
It was not for nothing that they alienated all reasonable men on this front, and it is quite extraordinary that Newman's prose and his invincible persecution complex have for so long perpetuated a legend that is the opposite of the truth, hoodwinking even Mr.
He added: "There's a fair wind blowing through wholesaling and it is blowing away the persecution complex once the wholesaler's trademark.
He shows that, while Mitchell's disciples "began to acquire something of a persecution complex .