Denotes by way of, or through, a mucous membrane.

permucosal (biologic) seal,

n permucosal tissue present between a dental implant and the soft tissue, the function of which is to prevent bacteria and inflammatory agents from entering the tissues.
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Permucosal needle drainage of peritonsillar abscesses.
Since the first human ABL case, the Queensland Health Department, in accordance with the recommendations of the national Lyssavirus Expert Group, has provided postexposure prophylaxis (PEP) to persons who report potential exposure to ABL through bites, scratches, and permucosal or percutaneous exposure to bat saliva or neural tissue (9,10).
All persons who reported a potential ABL exposure (bat bite, scratch, percutaneous, or permucosal exposure to bat saliva or neural tissue) were asked to complete a standard questionnaire, which sought demographic information (including occupation, history of professional or volunteer bat handling, history of rabies vaccination, potential rabies exposure [bite, scratch, provoked, unprovoked], circumstances that led to the exposure, treatment received, and any laboratory investigation of the bat).