permissive cell

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per·mis·sive cell

a cell in which the late phase of viral infection follows the early phase and cell death is coupled with massive synthesis of virus; for example, monkey cells are permissive for SV40.
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A key aspect of the biologist's question is whether or not JCV normally integrates into permissive cells, so you must understand this concept as well.
These statements suggest that members of the Polyomaviridae do not integrate under normal conditions in permissive cells, however, no experimental evidence is provided.
paragraph]) Feces, respiratory secretions, environmental sewage, and untreated water samples of unknown origin or collected for any purpose at a time and in a geographic area where it was suspected that WPVs or VDVPs were present, and products of such materials in poliovirus permissive cells or animals (3).
Beginning 1 year after detection of the last case of polio associated with wild poliovirus, laboratories undertaking activities involving wild poliovirus materials or potential wild poliovirus materials in permissive cells or animals will be notified to initiate high-containment (Biosafety Level [BSL-3] polio) measures.