peritendinitis serosa

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, pl.




(gang'glē-on, -glē-ă, -glē-onz),
1. Originally, any group of nerve cell bodies in the central or peripheral nervous system; currently, an aggregation of nerve cell bodies located in the peripheral nervous system. Synonym(s): nerve ganglion, neural ganglion, neuroganglion
2. A cyst containing mucopolysaccharide-rich fluid within fibrous tissue or, occasionally, muscle bone or a semilunar cartilage; usually attached to a tendon sheath in the hand, wrist, or foot, or connected with the underlying joint. Synonym(s): myxoid cyst, peritendinitis serosa, synovial cyst
[G. a swelling or knot]

peritendinitis serosa

Peritendinitis with effusion into the sheath.
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