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Elemental and configurai visual discrimination learning following lesions to perirhinal cortex in the rat.
In the perirhinal cortex, AMPA receptors seem to be involved in the encoding for STM and LTM as well as in consolidation and retrieval (Winters and Bussey 2005).
Researchers theorized that, as the perirhinal cortex becomes increasingly impaired, the brain begins to rely on simpler representations of objects that have characteristics that may be shared by many other objects.
The perirhinal cortex was thought to be involved, like the neighboring hippocampus, in "declarative" or conscious memories, but the new results show that the picture is more complex, said lead author Wei-chun Wang, a graduate student at UC Davis.
Complete anterograde amnesia, like that of HM, involves not only the hippocampus, but also the cortical areas around the hippocampus, the entorhinal, perirhinal, and parahippocampal cortices.
Neural activity in the hippocampus and perirhinal cortex during encoding is associated with the durability of episodic memory.
Their results showed that memories that were not forgotten were associated with greater coordination between the hippocampus and left perirhinal cortex (LPRC)-two parts of the brain previously linked with memory formation.
According to this view, when within-domain stimuli are used, the perirhinal cortex is in charge of using inter-stimulus similarity to bind together the distinct components.
People with amnesia caused by damage to a brain region near the ears called the perirhinal cortex also have problems recognizing objects, Barense and colleagues found.
Juvenile rats exposed to heavy bingelike episodes of ethanol have greater damage than adults in frontal-anterior cortical regions, including the olfactory frontal cortex, anterior perirhinal, and piriform cortex (Crews et al.