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(per'if'er-in), [MIM*170710]
A glycoprotein apparently necessary to maintain the shape of the outer segment disc membranes of rods and cones; it is thought by many investigators that a defect in peripherin is associated with certain types of blindness.
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Peripherin stains variable sizes of neuronal cell bodies in DRG.
In this study, varying sizes of neuronal cell bodies were measured using Nissl stain and correlated with peripherin immunostaining.
In the previous literature, it was already mentioned that peripherin mainly shows the immunoreactivity in small- to medium-sized cell bodies in DRG but the exact range of cell bodies were not mentioned.
20] Mutation in peripherin is now widely applied as cause for many neurological disorders such as recessive congenital Leber's amaurosis [21] and AML.
Peripherin, a new member of the intermediate filament protein family.
Calcitonin gene-related peptide and peripherin immunoreactivity in nerve sheaths.