peripheral proteins

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pe·riph·er·al pro·teins

pathways that can be easily removed from a biomembrane (for example, by altering the pH or the ionic strength).
Synonym(s): extrinsic proteins


pertaining to or situated at or near the periphery.

peripheral circulatory failure
see circulatory failure.
peripheral gangrenous ergotism
gangrene of the tips of the ears and tail and of the lower limbs caused by rye ergot poisoning; see also rye ergot.
peripheral giant cell granuloma
see giant-cell epulis.
peripheral lymphatics
see lymphatic.
peripheral nerve
see peripheral nerve.
peripheral nerve degeneration
see axonal degeneration, wallerian degeneration.
peripheral nerve paralysis
see peripheral nerve.
peripheral nervous system
see peripheral nervous system.
peripheral proteins
see membrane proteins.
peripheral sinus
the peripheral lymph space just beneath the capsule of a lymph node.
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