periodontal therapy

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per·i·o·don·tal ther·a·py

(perē-ō-dontăl thāră-pē)
Care intended to preserve natural dentition, periodontium, and preimplant tissues and to maintain and improve the health of these tissues.
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The intra-oral translocation of periopathogens jeopardizes the outcome of periodontal therapy.
Histological Examination of Gingiva Treated with Low-level Laser in Periodontal therapy.
Since hyperlipidemia is a causative factor for cardiovascular diseases and contributes to the high prevalence, mortality and morbidity of these diseases, we aimed to evaluate whether local periodontal therapy may influence plasma lipid levels in patients with periodontitis.
Suggested mode of periodontal therapy for patients with Papillon-Lefevre syndrome.
Importance of chlorhexidine chip in periodontal therapy
Understanding the role of naturally secreted sex hormones helps the dental hygienist provide adequate and successful periodontal therapy.
Evidence suggests that periodontal therapy is associated with improved glycemic control in many patients with both diabetes and periodontal diseases.
15) Results of later intervention studies suggest that glycemic control is improved after periodontal therapy.
Chapters cover basic information on lasers, laser safety, cavity preparation, photopolymerization, caries prevention, lasers in endodontics, pulp capping and pulpotomy in permanent and primary teeth, laser-assisted periodontal therapy, dentin hypersensitivity, laser assisted bleaching, laser-atlas surgery, photoactivated disinfection, and low level laser therapy.
primary goal of periodontal therapy is to return a pocket from a diseased
The guide will assist the dentist in assessing patients' treatment needs, communicating with the periodontist during treatment planning and answering patient questions regarding proposed periodontal therapy.
He has continued his studies in implantology, periodontal therapy and full mouth reconstruction and has held the title of Assistant Professor to Advanced Periodontics at USC's School of Dentistry.

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