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Sequenced strength-training program that varies training volume and intensity to optimize physiologic functional capacity and exercise performance by structuring training into time blocks of different duration (macrocycles, mesocycles, microcycles). The goal is to prevent staleness while peaking physiologically for competition.
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Periodization training is a concept developed by Dr.
Humanistic periodization delineated a good (classical) and a bad (medieval) way of life.
But despite Phillips' conservative methodology (strictly auteurist) and periodization (the 70s as Golden Age), the readings he produces are convincing and occasionally fascinating.
Thus, if a power training regimen produces equivalent improvements in maximum strength than those of a regular strength training regimen, it is plausible to suggest that the former could be used in the initial phase of the periodization without impairing performance improvements later into the macrocycle.
But a caution is in order against the impression that this is a chronological periodization of the religion's development rather than a regional differentiation, and therefore that the book presents "early" Manichaeism, compared to a "later" Manichaeism found in Eastern sources.
The production, sales and marketing three-era phases that conforms to historical periodization derives from Keith's (1960) analysis of the Pillsbury Company founded in 1869.
When the rabbinic composers of the Mishnah studied the first eleven chapters of Genesis, they observed certain structural similarities between Chapter 5 and 10 which suggested to them a basis for periodization.
Although Bernard Piffaretti's painting defies all periodization from the point of view of style or evolution, it continues to unfurl over time, to the rhythm of a story that writes itself as it goes along; moreover, the activity of observing the completed works is an integral part of the creation of this ongoing tale.
By contrast, Isaiah Berlin very self-consciously brought a deliberate mix of Romantic metaphysical and political ideas to the attention of English speaking philosophers (2); yet (by a second contrast with Bloom), he has no conception of a periodization that is longer than a starting point roughly in Rousseau and going then to the German Romantic tradition from its Jena origins to the flowering of German Idealism.
Chapters on clinical decision-making discuss the concept of periodization in training to prevent injury, and if that fails, how to assess and manage specific sports injuries.
The first--External Pressures on Identity--is a periodization of church development: 1945-59, adjusting to new patterns and achieving a measure of stability; 1959-72, intense atheistic pressures, marginalization of the church, and adoption of a survival theology; 1972-85, the stagnation in Soviet life contributing to new vitality; 1985-91, great opportunities abounding with the relaxation of restrictions and the integrated ECB identity held firm.
Fitness concepts that can be used include training periodization (the systematic manipulation of the volume and intensity of exercise over the duration of a training cycle) (5) and the principles of exercise.