perineal urethrostomy

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per·i·ne·al u·re·thros·to·my

formation of a permanent opening into the bulbous portion of the urethra through a perineal skin incision.


creation of a permanent opening for the urethra in the perineum.

antepubic urethrostomy
anastomosis of the urethra to skin of the abdominal wall. May be performed in the male or female, usually because of trauma to the urethra.
ischial urethrostomy
see perineal urethrostomy (below).
perineal urethrostomy
one performed in male cats in the perineal region, between the anus and scrotum. Called also ischial urethrostomy, Wilson-Harrison technique.
prepubic urethrostomy
the opening is created on the ventral surface of the abdomen, cranial to the pubis.
scrotal urethrostomy
one performed in dogs at the level of the scrotum, usually for chronic cystic calculi, penile amputation or traumatic strictures. After removal of the scrotum and testicles, the urethra is opened and sutured to the skin, creating a permanent opening.
Wilson-Harrison urethrostomy
see perineal urethrostomy (above).