perineal body

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cen·tral ten·don of per·i·ne·um

the fibromuscular mass between the anal canal and the urogenital diaphragm in the median plane onto which several perineal muscles insert (bulbospongiosus, external anal sphincter, superficial, and deep transverse perineal muscles); midline episiotomies extend into this structure.

perineal body

Etymology: Gk, perineos, perineum; AS, bodig
a mass of tissue composed of muscle and fascia between the vagina and rectum in females and between the scrotum and rectum in males.

perineal body

A pyramidal fibromuscular mass which is intimately linked to the integrity of the pubic floor, especially in females, the rupture of which during vaginal delivery predisposes women to uterine, rectal and bladder prolapse. It is located at the midline of the perineum, at the junction between the urogenital triangle and the anal triangle.


pertaining to the perineum.

perineal body
central tendon of the perineum. The fibromuscular mass in the median plane of the perineum where the bulbospongiosus and external anal sphincter muscles, and the levator ani and transverse perineal muscles attach.
perineal fistula
see perianal fistula.
Gelpi perineal retractor
a small self-retaining tissue retractor.
perineal hernia
a defect in the pelvic diaphragm that permits deviation of the rectum and protrusion of pelvic fat and abdominal contents, particularly the prostate and urinary bladder. Clinical signs include a uni- or bilateral ventrolateral perianal swelling with constipation or straining. Seen most often in middle-aged, male dogs, but occurs rarely in females and in cats.
perineal laceration
laceration of the perineal area such as by the birth of a foal. Three degrees of severity are recognized. First degree laceration is when only the mucosa of the vulva and vagina are involved. Second degree is when the submucosa and muscularis layers of the vulva, the anal sphincter and the perineal body are involved. Third degree is when there is also tearing through the rectovaginal septum, the muscles of the vagina and rectum, and the perineal body.
perineal reconstruction
various surgical techniques are used to repair perineal lacerations. It is necessary to reconstruct the rectal floor and vaginal roof.
perineal reflex
stimulation of the perineum causes contraction of the anal sphincter and flexion of the tail. It is a test of the integrity of the caudal spinal segments and the pudendal nerve. Called also the anal reflex.
perineal sling
a surgical technique that uses a fascial strip under the urethra to increase resistance to urine flow in the treatment of urinary incontinence.
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Perineal body defects (anal sphincter defect) and rectoceles are separate entities and treated differently.
Place your index finger on the outside of the vagina over the perineal body.
This compensatory repair will help bulk and strengthen the perineal body
Liu's disregard of any contributive importance of the perineal body (PB), pelvic reconstructive surgeons universally consider a disrupted PB to be a critical obstacle to the achievement of durably effective success in pelvic anatomical and functional restoration.
Finally the rectovaginal septum should be reattached to the perineal body.
Think of the perineal body as a pyramid, with the base almost parallel to the floor between the vaginal introitus and the anus, and with the apex--approximately 3-4 cm high--found at the junction of the lower to middle third of the vagina where it angles and becomes almost horizontal.
The investigators also observed "an interesting and unexpected change" never before reported-a significant increase in the measurement of the perineal body between the first and third trimesters.
If the rectovaginal septum has torn away from the perineal body, it will need to be reattached.
LOS ANGELES -- Third and fourth-degree lacerations during delivery are more likely to happen in Asian American women and women with a shortened perineal body, two separate studies concluded.
There are no data to support or discredit four other techniques: warm compresses on the perineum, lubrication at the time of crowning, supporting the perineal body by bracing it with the whole hand or pressing the ends inward, or "ironing" the perineum with the fingers in the second stage of labor to increase circulation and help it stretch.
Tissues of the perineal body, including the puborectalis muscle, are approximated in the midline, providing an additional layer of tissue between the anterior vaginal wall and the posterior rectal wall and reinforcing the closure.
Look for stool on the skin and deformities or gross lesions around the vagina, perineal body, and anus.