Inflammation of tissue around a dental implant.

periimplantitis (per´ēim´plan-tī´tis),

n an inflammation in and around the area of a dental implant that may also affect abutment areas.
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Clinical Relevance: Periodontal diseases and periimplantitis are among the specific targets where PDT can be applied.
The long and ergonomic form of the tipholder ICS/ICP facilitates access even in the posterior region and simplifies user handling during the maintenance treatment of implants in order to prevent periimplantitis.
Estudios en humanos con datos limitados sugieren que los implantes con superficies lisas son menos afectados por la periimplantitis que los Implantes con superficies rugosas.
La incidencia de periimplantitis no es completamente reportada y puede ser del 16% para implantes de superficies maquinadas, mientras que para los implantes de superficies rugosas puede ser mas alta.
La Incidencia de periimplantitis no es completamente reportada y cada vez se presentara con mayor frecuencia.
There is evidence that triclosan/gantrez toothpaste is effective in reducing biofilm, gingivitis, periodontitis, periimplantitis, calculus and halitosis, and that it can be recommended as a co-adjuvant to mechanical biofilm control by tooth-brushing.
Bach G and Neckel C: A 5 year comparative study on conventional and laser assisted therapy for periimplantitis.
Many methods have been suggested to treat periimplantitis implants [7-10].
Keywords: periodontitis, antibiotics, antimicrobials, local delivery, periimplantitis, scaling and root planing
7) Despite efforts to improve osseointegration by the modification of implant surfaces, current evidence has shown that bacterial colonization at the gingiva-implant interface can induce mucositis or periimplantitis and jeopardize the long-term success of implant rehabilitations.
24-26) Previous studies also showed that certain pathological bacteria can induce mucositis and periimplantitis in patients receiving restorations supported with implants.
For the prevention of periimplantitis an adequate and steady plaque control regimen must be ensured.