1. Synonym(s): periatrial
2. Synonym(s): periconchal
3. Around the external ear.


1. Synonym(s): periconchal.
2. Around the external ear.

periauricular (per´ēôrik´ūlur),

adj surrounding the external ear.
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The adhesive cover on the cradle was removed and the cradle gently secured to the periauricular skin.
Due to the location of the lipoma, this case required extensive access and careful removal of the tumor because the tumor affected the fascial spaces of the face, mainly in the periauricular area, as well as posed an increased risk of damage to the facial nerve branches, (facial paresis) and parotid glands during the lipoma surgical removal.
One of these was in the periauricular region4 and the other one in the scalp.
1 Tuberculosis commonly involves superficial lymph nodes including those in posterior and anterior cervical chains or the suprascapular fossae and others like submandibular, periauricular, inguinal and axillary groups may also be involved.
sup][3] recommended a two-bone flap craniotomy for the transpetrosal-presigmoid approach to avoid bony defect in the periauricular area, and the first bone flap should distinctly expose the ASTS to facilitate dissection of the sigmoid sinus away from the inner table of the mastoid bone.
La presencia de lesiones como hematomas en zona periauricular, hiperemia en conducto auditivo externo y rotura de timpano con sangrado de un 30% de la superficie timpanica son congruentes con tortura", se indica en el reporte del GIEI.
Her complaint started before 3 months of presentation with periauricular edema and swelling of right ear followed by protrusion of pinna.
Our patient only had nasal symptoms; there were no auricular or periauricular symptoms.
There was periauricular soft tissue swelling and intraoral bony hard enlargement of right mandibular alveolar ridge (Figures 1(a) and 1(b)).
Periauricular skin defects: a consequence of a persistent ectodermal groove.
We defined a suspected case as onset of >1 specific symptoms (swollen lymph nodes in the neck or periauricular areas, sore throat, or swelling or redness of eyes) or >2 nonspecific symptoms (fever, chills, myalgia, or headache) during July 1-August 1, 2013.
Periauricular or cervical lymph node extension Stage IV: Metastatic disease a.