performance test

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per·form·ance test

a test, such as five of eleven Wechsler adult intelligence scale subtests, requiring little or no verbal instruction from the examiner and virtually no verbal response by the examinee.

performance test

Psychology Any non-language and nonverbal IQ test based on the manipulation of concrete objects–eg, blocks, pictures, and printed mazes, rather than on relationships rooted in linguistics and symbols. See IQ tests. Cf Psychologic test.
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CloudTest Standard: is designed for testing teams executing internal performance tests.
Reusable Tests with No Coding: Certify Performance Test doesn't require custom coding or custom scripts to be developed and maintained.
Built in SAP: Certify Performance Test is built within the SAP landscape so the user interface will be instantly familiar and provides a quick learning curve for both business and IT users.
Integrated Data Repository: Certify Performance Test uses SAP as the data repository and leverages existing data collection and BASIS knowledge by integrating with CCMS (the computer center management system from SAP).
Relevant Information and Reports: Worksoft Certify Performance Test leverages the performance data that is automatically captured by SAP.
The ultimate demand placed on IP performance test systems today comes from the need to test different application types together to gain a true understanding of how converged networks -- supporting data, video, and VoIP services -- will respond in varying conditions.
iTKO LISA Complete SOA Testing Platform system performs unit, functional, regression, load and performance tests, without requiring test coding or script maintenance, saving up to 80% of the cost of testing over the course of six months.
The results of the performance tests have made the IntelligEnt suite even more appealing, opening up opportunities to expand into new market segments, according to John Puccetti, vice president of CCS product and technology group.
After conducting some baseline performance tests, we conducted the scalability tests.

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