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An instrument for making a bony opening through the cranium.
Synonym(s): trephine (1)


(pĕr′fō-rā-tor) [L., a piercing device]
1. An instrument for piercing the skull and other bones.
2. A blood vessel that penetrates an organ (e.g. the septal perforator arteries of the heart); any of the perforating veins of the lower extremities

tympanum perforator

An instrument used to perforate the tympanum.
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Returning to the issue of production scale, perforator and arrowheads combined account for roughly 90% of cattle bone based production at TSL whether derived from MPED, TSL or Anyang recovered artefacts (98%, 97% & 79% respectively).
Through our vast experience with NSM and simultaneous perforator flap breast reconstruction, we have discovered that the growth of new blood supply into the nipple from the power of the underlying flap is adequate to fully support it for a breast lift.
Despite the fact that there is still controversy over whether to amputate or salvage the diabetic foot, anterolateral thigh perforator flaps can be used to achieve independent ambulation, and free microsurgical tissue transfer can be an alternative to amputation if the vascular supply is reliable," said Dr.
Autologous reconstruction comes in many forms, including pedicled, free, and perforator flaps, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.
Options such code dating, zipping device, film perforator and a notcher for easy tear-off are also available.
A new focused laser perforator can create an easy-opening seam in thin film that is invisible to the eye.
The origin of the first anterior perforator was very constant; it arose from the deeper surface of the AIV, a branch of the LCA, at approximately 15 mm from the origin of the later.
Recent trends have been to use perforator flaps and in particular the deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flap reconstruction.
With the popularity of minimally invasive endoscopic surgery, surgeons began to apply the technique to interrupt incompetent perforator veins in the subfascial space.
Which is why Van Dyk offers a perforator that can be mounted in the throat of the baler as opposed to numerous perforators that are used in the sorting process, Jable says.
1-3) Perforator flaps were conceived to decrease morbidity at the donor site.
Among the lab's game-changing technologies are: flow vessels with the ability to conduct tests that simulate downhole reservoir conditions, including pressures and temperatures with a maximum rating of 50,000 psi and 400xF; test vessels with the ability to rotate 180 degrees to perform gravity-related sanding studies; and a perforated core analysis laboratory that utilizes the latest computed tomography (CT) imaging technology to evaluate perforator performance and reservoir inflow.