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/per·fect/ (per´fekt) of a fungus, capable of reproducing sexually (with sexual spores).

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Q. swelling is not on the neck but where you would wear a necklace its perfect in shape all the way around and about a inch wide and slightly swollen and pain like a muscle ache by the shoulder and collar bone, came out of no where. i do have hypothyroid, but this is like nothing i ever had before; help please.

A. is it all the way around? or just in the frontal surface..? if it's all the way around ,swelling and redness- it could be an allergic reaction to a metal necklace you wore. if it's only in the frontal surface- it could be problems in your thyroid, like overgrowth or something.

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There is another dimension to the cult of perfectibility, and that is centered in the nature of the experience and its environment.
Rather, Godwin's use of empiricism allows us to reread the programmatic impossibility of perfectibility so as to see it as a mode of thought that points beyond itself and, as such, remains opposed to "things as they are.
Waugh is not satirizing mere politics, but is rather attacking the humanist society that seeks to supplant God with the doctrine of earthly, secular perfectibility.
By the author's own admission the present book is the fruit of a lifetime of thinking about the purpose of human life, in particular, about the perfectibility of human nature as applied to one's own goals and values.
Its faith is in the perfectibility of man, in the authority of experts, and in the need for an all-powerful state to coordinate society at the national level.
Some cling to faith in good intentions and the perfectibility of mankind, don't want to hurt offenders' feelings, don't want a reputation as "pro-state," or just don't want to work after lunch.
What intrigued him about the story, he says, was the irony that "The philosopher of our liberties and the architect of our country and the prophet of human perfectibility had this in the family blood" ("Way" 212).
Compared to the Utopian, it is a more fatalistic, or passive vision of human social perfectibility, an outlook again reflected in communicative patterns.
Hilton expertly analyses parallel discourses on rational feminine authority, exemplified in the works of various bluestockings and taken to more radical extremes by Catherine Macaulay and Mary Wollstonecraft who successively argued that moral perfectibility and autonomy in society was impossible unless both females and males were given an 'enlightened' education.
the perfectibility of regulation and whether antitrust can compensate
Born an Episcopalian, Burns says his spirituality has its roots in Christianity but told the magazine that today he finds himself in the tradition of the founders--"what Thomas Jefferson would call a deist, I guess--interested less in the organized forms of religion than in spiritual pursuit as a way toward the perfectibility of an imperfectible species called human beings.
Once they let me out of the cellar, I thought it best that I demonstrate my perfectibility, although, to tell the truth, I'd prefer to converse with ravens and crows than these feebleminded crones in bonnets who--should I absent-mindedly snap up and swallow a fly--will fall over backwards in a dead faint.