perceptual processing

per·cep·tu·al pro·ces·sing

(pĕr-sep'shū-ăl pro'ses-ing)
The organization of sensory input into meaningful patterns.
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Weldon (1991), for instance, showed that encoding in terms of meaning affects performance on the fragment completion test, but not on the perceptual identification task, two tests supposedly reliant upon a perceptual processing.
Top-down perceptual processing concerns how what is already in our head when we experience a wine (our expectations, ideas and emotions) can interact with the data-driven sensory input to influence what we perceive and how we end up conceptualizing and describing a wine.
Irlen syndrome is a perceptual processing disorder which can cause either physical symptoms such as fatigue, headache, migraine, or distortion.
Understanding how abstract concepts are formed autonomously from the sensorimotor stream based on resource allocation principles will establish an essential missing link between high-level symbolic and low-level perceptual processing.
Eye-tracking provides information about the perceptual processing while learning and in combination with measures of learning success it provides information about cognitive processing (Mayer, 2010).
In their study, switching from one modality to another incurred a switching cost, just as has been shown in perceptual processing tasks.
MISViS is a visual perceptual processing dysfunction which has also been known as Irlen Syndrome, Meares-Irlen Syndrome, Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, Visual stress and perceptual dyslexia (Irlen, 2005, 2010; Wilkins, 2003).
3) Neuropsychological studies have identified impaired short-term memory processing (4) executive functioning (5), deficit in sustained attention, (6) impairment on tests of cognitive set shifting, spatial working memory, visual memory and psychomotor speed (5), deficit in energy during both initial perceptual processing and organization and execution of psychomotor tasks in depression.
These findings lend important support for the notion that social factors influence our perceptual processing," Sobhani added.
com)-- A new study by the Perceptual Development Corporation (PDC) revealed that perceptual processing difficulties, such as dyslexia, can result in difficulties in more than 20 different areas, including reading, attention and concentration, driving, listening, math, music, depth perception and computer use, just to name a few.
Standing, Conezio, & Haber, 1970) that the vertical axis has an advantage in perceptual processing over the horizontal axis.
Thus, in this model, the acquisition of expertise is marked from a move from pure cognitive processing by novices to pure perceptual processing by experts.