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Based on this model, behavior performance results from: (a) perceived barriers to performing behavior; (b) perceived benefits to performing behavior; (c) cues to action for the behavior; (d) perceived severity of threats if the behavior is not performed; and/or (e) perceived susceptibility to risks if the behavior is not performed.
6) Perceived susceptibility to influenza A(H7N9) compared with others ([section]) High 5 (1.
Correlates of intentions to test for radon include perceived community radon risk, perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, perceived community concern, and number of known radon testers (Weinstein, Sandman, & Roberts, 1991).
The HBM focuses on perceived susceptibility, severity, benefits and barriers as the primary determinants of health care utilization.
Additionally, when perceived severity and perceived susceptibility are combined, they form a perceived threat (Champion & Skinner, 2008; Daddario, 2007; Thalacker, 2011).
During the Annual Meeting session, Daley and her colleagues from the University of South Florida College of Public Health discussed findings from four behavioral studies they conducted on men's knowledge and awareness of HPV and its vaccine as well as their perceived susceptibility to the sexually transmitted disease.
The consequence of that was a debut for Jonny Bairstow, and a baptism which resulted in 38 runs from three completed innings - and the emergence of a perceived susceptibility against the short ball after a workingover by Kemar Roach in the second Test at Trent Bridge.
They completed surveys about perceived susceptibility (at least a 40% chance) of their sons experiencing HPV infection and its outcomes, and perceived severity of the out-comes, and they participated in single-sex focus groups, offered in English and Spanish.
The questionnaire measured perceived susceptibility to sequelae of non-adherence, perceived severity of sequelae associated with non-adherence and beliefs about the likely benefits of the diet.
The researchers found that the strongest predictor of vaccine acceptance in the study was students' perceived susceptibility to contracting HIV, followed by their number of sexual partners.
33,37-39) Some support has been found for the following aspects of the model: perceived susceptibility, perceived severity, perceived benefits, perceived barriers and cues to action.
In this review, the concepts of social support and perceived susceptibility to TC versus anxiety related to the diagnosis were found as themes or factors that influence TSE performance.