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1. To become aware of directly through any of the senses, especially sight or hearing.
2. To achieve understanding of; apprehend.

per·ceiv′a·ble adj.
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By using a less active ingredient, manufacturers can reduce material purchasing, storage and transportation costs, while being confident of achieving perceivable performance improvements and the differentiation they need for their product, said the company.
Again, the purpose - privacy from prying eyes - is immediately perceivable.
With Nero Digital(TM), our customers get the right solution for their home cinemas and can, for example, process their favorite video material on their PCs and, without any perceivable loss in quality, easily view this on their television screens.
SRVCC implements a handover function that enables LTE voice call continuity in 2G/3G networks without any perceivable interruptions for the end user.
They may not be "bad," just not good enough to produce a competitive advantage which is perceivable (real or imagined) by the consumer.
The more recent flirtation with invisibility--making sculpture with a minimum of tangible, perceivable material--offers a more engaging test of both the artist's virtuosity and the viewer's patience.
By combining bracketed exposures of the same scene, users can extend the perceivable range of light in an image to achieve a level of realism well beyond the capability of traditional photography.
In recent months, Dow Corning has launched a wide range of products to help formulators create products that provide real, perceivable benefits.
From a secure data center, with data connectivity to telecommunications carriers' voice networks, outbound calls are screened and processed within ten milliseconds or less, ensuring that telephone agents experience no perceivable delay in call processing.
In addition, Nero Recode features the ability to convert DVD titles into Nero Digital, making it possible to fit an entire movie onto a CD with virtually no perceivable loss in audio or video quality.
Keratint EZ is a one-step conditioning and emulsifying package for creating stable, cost-effective emulsions that simplify the development of hair color formulations, while providing consumer perceivable benefits.