peptide hormones

peptide hormones (pepˑ·tīd hōrˑ·mōnz), water-soluble hormones comprised of a few amino acids that introduce a series of chemical reactions to change the cell's metabolism. Examples include hormones of the pituitary gland and parathyroid glands.
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Among hormones, peptide hormones form an important category consisting of short amino acid chains of varying sizes.
Following is a section devoted to enzymes, including proteases as catalysts, peptide-based enzyme models, substrate and protein recognition and mammalian and insect peptide hormones.
Stapled Peptide drugs, like ALRN-5281, are derived from natural peptides and are designed to remain in a safe and effective therapeutic range longer than traditional peptide hormones.
The 2010 prohibited list that came into effect from January 1, 2010 consists of anabolic agents, peptide hormones, growth factors, Beta-2 agonists, hormone antagonists and modulators, diuretics and other masking agents, stimulants, narcotics and cannabinoids, among others.
At the brain level, humans have a number of "satiety signals" that enable them to eat a variety of nutrient sources and subsequently secrete a range of gut peptide hormones that are appropriate for the particular food.
Cortisol is a steroid, the other two are peptide hormones.
A phybrid is a peptide hybrid molecule that combines the pharmacological effects of two peptide hormones into a single molecular entity.
Modified versions of naturally occurring peptide hormones that could be key to novel treatments of a variety of diseases--including eating disorders (anorexia, obesity), sexual dysfunction, and skin cancer--have been developed by chemists at the University of Arizona, Tucson.
Like endgenous anabolic steroids, peptide hormones are also naturally found in the body.
The ones who had never heard of anabolic steroids and peptide hormones.
Obesity raises levels of peptide hormones like insulin and steroid hormones like estrogen," she explains.
Our additional aim was to investigate the stability of ghrelin under various storage conditions because previous studies have described the influence of storage conditions on the analysis of various endocrine substances, such as steroids (10,11) and peptide hormones, including human growth hormone (12), lutropin, follitropin, and prolactin (13).