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Pentasaccharide in Total Hip Replacement, or Low-Molecular-Weight Heparin C. A trial comparing the efficacy and safety of a pentasaccharide fondaparinux to enoxaparin in preventing thromboembolism (TE) post elective hip replacement
Conclusion TE occurred in 6.0% of fondaparinux and 8.0% of enoxaparin patients (non-statistically significant; p = 0.099); no significant difference in the rates of major bleeds or death between the groups

(2) Pentathlon
A five-part Olympic event in which the participant must ride an unfamiliar horse, shoot a pistol—formerly loaded with pellets, now a laser—épée fence, swim—200 metres freestyle—and run 3 km cross country
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The resulting competitions in Stockholm confirmed to the French that Modern Pentathlon was "a true criterion of manhood and perfect athleticism.
When the Deutsche Turnzeitung analyzed the three top-ranked athletes of the 1912 modern pentathlon, the conclusion was drawn that "only a serious preparation in all five exercises gives [gave] expectancy for modern pentathlon honors.
The Modern Pentathlon was a sport that "tested the ability of those who do several things well, and are [were] not expert in one to the exclusion of everything else.
However, besides the national comments on the 1912 competition, the inclusion of a Modern Pentathlon in the next Olympic program as well as into other noted sport festivals, such as the Panama-Pacific International Exposition Games in San Francisco in 1915, (102) was as least partial proof of its social acceptance.
The Modern Pentathlon was created to aspire towards the complete athlete.
To far greater extent than its two "sister events" the Athletic Pentathlon and the Decathlon, each of which took place at Stockholm in 1912, the Modern Pentathlon helped to underscore the value of a diversified training.
104) It was not exclusively the Modern Pentathlon that characterized a kind of counter-movement to increasing specialization, but rather the general change in times that preceded the multi-sport concept.
First of all, Modern Pentathlon remained without interruption as part of the Olympic program.
5000m) was not included until 1912 when it became part of the modern pentathlon as well as of the military riding (eventing).