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Combining form denoting five.
[G. pente, five]

pent-, penta-

prefix meaning "five": pentaploid, pentose, pentoside.


Combining form meaning five.
[G. pente, five]


, penta-, pen- [Gr. pente, five]
Prefixes meaning five,
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The European Union and California have banned penta- and octa-BDEs, and the sole U.
However, in sunlight, deca-BDEs degrade to penta- and tetra-brominated compounds, which bioaccumulate almost as well as PCBs.
Great Lakes Chemical Corporation today confirmed that it voluntarily stopped production of penta- and octa- polybrominated diphenyl ether on December 31, 2004.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of what the company calls the "new generation" of flame retardants, today announced that it will voluntarily cease production of two widely-used flame retardant chemicals, penta- and octa- polybrominated diphenyl ether, by the end of 2004.