penile implant

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1. (im-plant´) to insert or graft material, such as tissue or radioactive material, into intact tissues or a body cavity; see also transplant.
2. (im´plant) any material inserted or grafted into the body.
cochlear implant see cochlear implant.
dental implant a prosthetic tooth with an anchoring structure surgically implanted beneath the mucosal or periosteal layer or in the bone.
Sequence of treatment with osseointegrated dental implants. From Darby and Walsh, 1995.
penile implant penile prosthesis.

pe·nile im·plant

a rigid, flexible, or inflatable device surgically placed in the corpora cavernosa to produce an erection.
An FDA Class 3 medical device composed of silicone polymers designed to allow a penile erection

pe·nile imp·lant

(pēnīl implant)
Rigid, flexible, or inflatable device surgically placed in the corpora cavernosa to produce an erection.

penile implant

One of a range of prostheses inserted into the penis so that men suffering from organic impotence can achieve a form of erection and enjoy sexual intercourse.
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Like the other actions, the suit identifies a class consisting of all men who had penile implants installed in their bodies.
Attorneys with penile implant cases will be more interested in obtaining copies of the complaint forms from specific companies during discovery.
Simple procedure Men who wish to address this issue following penile implant surgery are evaluated by Dr.
The Titan Penile Implant(TM), manufactured by Mentor Corporation of Santa Barbara, CA (NASDAQ:MNTR), features a hydrophilic coating, the first improvement of its kind in a penile implant.
A new penile implant designed to treat men living with drug resistant Erectile Dysfunction (DRED) was introduced in Montreal to doctors attending the 10th World Congress of the International Society for Sexual and Impotence Research (ISSIR).
Mentor Corporation (Nasdaq:MNTR), announced today that its new penile implant featuring a hydrophilic surface has been approved by the FDA for sale and marketing in the United States.
Increasing market acceptance is also helping to promote the popularity of the penile implant.
The Resist technology brings an improvement that is the first of its kind for a penile implant.
In the past, men who failed injection therapy were often offered penile implant surgery as their only option.
These risks and uncertainties include: continued use of non-invasive treatment alternatives; continued physician use and endorsement of the company's products; increased supply of sling material; increasing penetration of the penile implant market; successful introduction of new products and product improvements; actions related to reimbursement for the company's products and potential product recalls.
Meanwhile, of course, penile implants in cases of erectile dysfunction may be covered by another federal insurance program.
The list, which includes surgery on hips, knees and shoulders, alongside treatments such as acupuncture, penile implants and tonsillectomies, is having a direct impact on patient care and activity levels within the NHS.