penile hypospadias

pe·nile hy·po·spa·di·as

malposition of the urethral meatus on the ventral penile shaft.
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Although cases of urethral duplication and penile hypospadias with chordee cases have been reported, we did not find a parameatal cyst in our patient.
Although five boys with hypospadias had had previous genital surgery, all had penile hypospadias, the surgical repair of which is less likely to affect AGD measurements.
Malformations associated with valproic acid include heart defects, spina bifida, multicystic dysplastic kidney, postaxial polydactyly type B, inguinal hernia, and penile hypospadias.
Of the 137 children who underwent repair, 18 had proximal penile hypospadias, 75 penoscrotal, 24 scrotal and 20 perineal.
Androgen receptor gene mutations are rarely associated with isolated penile hypospadias.