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There's no violation when two separate regulatory bodies with different purposes penalize the same kind of violation.
This means that the managing authority of the operational program found such irregularities in the organization of public procurement procedures, and that it penalizes this structure just as it sometimes penalizes municipalities.
A) - Turkish Foreign Ministry said Tuesday Turkey welcomed appeal of a French law that penalizes denial of Armenian allegations on Ottoman era incidents of 1915 to France's top constitutional body for annulment.
Sixty-six percent of colleges are checking to see if prospective students have criminal records, and many are using that data to determine whether to admit them, a practice that unfairly penalizes minorities, says the Center for Community Alternatives.
The next section examines what AYP does not mean for states, schools, and students, addressing such myths as: states or schools that do not make AYP will be penalized by losing federal funding; the federal government will determine whether or not local schools are succeeding; AYP penalizes states with high standards and creates incentives for states to lower their standards; an unreasonably large number of successful schools will be identified as needing improvement; schools that educate the most severely disabled students will be penalized under AYP formulas; and AYP means that schools must improve test scores every single year to avoid being labeled as needing improvement.
Corruption acts like an invisible tax that unfairly penalizes those least able to bear the burden, said Philippe Levy, the Chairman of Transparency International, Switzerland, and a former ambassador.
This after the House of Representatives has passed on second reading House Bill 4982, which prohibits and penalizes discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity or expression (Sogie) during plenary session on Wednesday.