pelvic abscess

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pel·vic ab·scess

an abscess in the pelvic peritoneal cavity, developing as a complication of diffuse peritonitis or of localized peritonitis associated with abdominal or pelvic inflammatory disease, such as salpingitis; the pus frequently collects in the rectovesical or rectouterine pouch.

pelvic abscess

Etymology: L, pelvis, basin, abscedere, to go away
a pus-producing lesion in the pelvic peritoneum, usually originating in the rectouterine pouch.

pelvic abscess

An abscess of the pelvic peritoneum, esp. in the pouch of Douglas. It may arise as a complication of a sexually transmitted disease or diverticulitis.
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pertaining to the pelvis.

pelvic abscess
commonest in horses as a result of a rectal tear during a manual examination. The tear is only mucosa deep and the infection is deposited in the pelvic fascia where an abscess develops. This has the potential to erode into the peritoneal cavity. The syndrome begins as a toxemia and fever caused by the local abscess but a common sequel is the abrupt appearance of severe abdominal pain and toxemic shock.
pelvic bone
os coxae, comprising the ilium, ischium and pubis. See also Table 10.
pelvic canal
the canal from the pelvic inlet to the pelvic outlet.
pelvic cavity
the space bounded by the bones of the pelvis.
pelvic girdle
the bony ring formed by the pair of hip bones fused at the symphysis and their firm articulation with the sacrum, and in some species one or two coccygeal vertebrae.
pelvic inlet
the cranial opening of the pelvis.
pelvic intestinal hernia
see pelvic hernia.
pelvic ligaments
include the dorsal sacroiliac, the sacrotuberal and the iliolumbar ligaments.
pelvic limb
the hindlimb.
pelvic nerve
see Table 14.
pelvic organs
includes reproductive organs, urinary bladder, ureter, rectum.
pelvic outlet
the caudal opening of the pelvis, guarded by the pelvic diaphragm.
pelvic plexus
the autonomic plexus that is distributed to the pelvic viscera that consists of the cranial vesical plexus, the middle genital plexus and the caudal hemorrhoidal plexus, located on the ventrolateral surface of the rectum. It innervates the urinary bladder, prostate, ductus deferens and cranial urethra. It is supplied by the hypogastric and pelvic splanchnic nerves.
pelvic splanchnic nerves
pelvic symphysiotomy
surgical separation of the symphysis in immature animals as an aid in dystocia due to maternal pelvic inadequacy.
pelvic urethra
that part of the urethra that passes through the pelvis.
pelvic viscera
includes urinary bladder and pelvic ureters and urethra, rectum, prostate, seminal vesicles, vas deferens and ampullae in males, and vagina cervix and uterus, possibly ovaries, in the female.
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The second case was an incidental finding and noticed during exploratory laparatomy for pelvic abscess.
A significant number of the patients had exploratory laparotomy with evacuation of pelvic abscess repair of uterine or bowel perforation or hysterectomy.
Chavez vanished from public view after an operation to remove a pelvic abscess on June 10, followed by the more serious cancer tumor extraction.
There were two complications in the robotic group: a tear in the right external iliac vein that required open management and a transfusion, and a pelvic abscess, which was treated with postoperative antibiotics.
Two months later I still had pain and had further surgery to drain a pelvic abscess.
A pelvic abscess and a rectovaginal fistula were diagnosed.
Even if the IUD migration is asymptomatic, it should be removed for the prevention of complications such as pelvic abscess, bladder rupture, and adhesions.
She continued to have abdominal distention, and returned to the hospital the next day with an ultrasound taken elsewhere that revealed a 9-cm pelvic abscess.
They found frozen plastered abdomen, tight inter-loop adhesion, friable tissue and pelvic abscess.
The July issue dropped into my email inbox just after I had ordered an MRI on a 17-year-old girl with a pelvic abscess that had been partially drained by an interventional radiologist.