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Relating to the sole of the foot.
[G. pelma, sole]
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The rationalisation programme introduced at the end of 2000 has had a positive effect, and the integration of Pelmatic has been completed, which also gave a boost to the business area's performance.
20 March: Semcon Signs a Letter of Intent With the Pelmatic Group
Semcon signs a Letter of Intent with the Pelmatic Group, with the intention of acquiring Pelmatic.
Semcon has signed a letter of intent with the Pelmatic Group, with a view to acquiring Pelmatic.
The parent company, Pelmatic AB, has its head office in Karlskrona.
A possible acquisition of Pelmatic will strengthen Semcon's position as the predominant development company in Scandinavia," declares Hans Johansson, the Managing Director of Semcon.
There are many advantages of acquiring Pelmatic," continues Hans Johansson.