pelargonic acid

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pel·ar·gon·ic ac·id

(pel'ar-gon'ik as'id),
Substance used in the manufacture of lacquers and plastics; produced in the oxidative cleavage of oleic acid.
Synonym(s): n-nonanoic acid
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The forth chapter deals with pelargonic acid (n-nonanoic acid) market trends review, distinguish pelargonic acid (n-nonanoic acid) manufacturers and suppliers.
The chapter 5 summarizes pelargonic acid (n-nonanoic acid) prices data.
The last chapter analyses pelargonic acid (n-nonanoic acid) downstream markets.
The fourth chapter deals with pelargonic acid market trends review, distinguish pelargonic acid manufacturers and suppliers.
The pelargonic acid global market report 2014 key points: - Pelargonic acid description, its application areas and related patterns - Pelargonic acid market situation - Pelargonic acid manufacturers and distributors - Pelargonic acid prices (by region and provided by market players) - Pelargonic acid end-uses breakdown - Pelargonic acid downstream industries trends Key Topics Covered: 1.
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