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Relating to any of the substances or materials referred to as pectin.
[G. pēktos, stiff, curdled]
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The textural properties of the jam are usually attributed to pectic bodies composition.
Classification of Pectic enzymes is based upon the mode of attack on their specific structural element of the pectin molecule (Benen et al.
Existence of carbohydrates and pectic substances in the enzyme can falsify significantly the results of analysis of fermentolysis products of pectic polysaccharides and hinder extraction of physiologically active fragments [11].
Key words: Melon peel Pectic acid Adsorption Lead ions Saponification.
Some additives include sulfer dioxide, water, oak adjuncts, tartaric acid, sugar, pectic enzymes, gum Arabic, velcorin and mega purple.
Salts below 5% degree of esterification are called pectates and the insoluble acid form is the pectic acid [32].
Pectic substances are complex polysaccharides with high molecular weight [46], they form the major components of the middle lamella and primary plant cell wall of higher plants [15], these substances account for 0.
Lignins were detected using acid phloroglucin (Johansen 1940), neutral fats and wax acids were evidenced with Sudan III (Gahan 1984), starch grains with Lugol (Jensen 1962), pectic compounds with ruthenium red (Johansen 1940), and alkaloids with Dragendorff reagent (Johansen 1940).
The pollen grain has a reticulate surface and cell wall of pectic nature (Figures 2c, 4c), and contains starch and protein (Figure 4a-b, respectively).
Elicitation of lignin biosynthesis and isoperoxidase activity by pectic fragments in suspension cultures of Castor bean.